Race Glaze 42 招牌蠟

Race Glaze 42 招牌蠟



  • 英國原裝進口
  • 內含42%頂級純白棕櫚
  • 官方測試在英國效果可持續長達3個月
  • 可堆疊
  • 不會有難清的殘留物
  • 內容簡介

    Race Glaze 42 招牌蠟

    Race Glaze Signature 42 Wax - 英國原裝進口

    Good morning and
    welcome to RaceGlaze
    The truth is you could spend all day every day adding that extra protection and extra shine. The problem is that such an approach doesn’t do much for your social life, and leaves little time to drive the car.

    Which is why we suggest Race Glaze – the route to better protection and a better look, in half the time.

    For those who would rather drive than polish.

    Race Glaze Signature 42 Wax - 42%頂級純白棕櫚

    With spectacular long lasting results due to very high pure white Carnauba content of 42%, this unique 2008 Signature-series wax has been painstakingly designed to offer a new alternative at the very top end of the wax market to the serious detailer or owner who simply wants the best.

    Race Glaze Signature 42 Wax - 建議使用方式

    2.沾取適量Race Glaze 42招牌蠟
    6.Race Glaze 42招牌蠟可以堆疊,效果將會更驚人
    7.強烈推薦在使用Race Glaze 42招牌蠟之前使用Race Glaze招牌清潔蠟達到最佳效果

    Race Glaze Signature 42 Wax - 使用效果


    Race Glaze Signature 42 Wax - 產品圖組

    Signature Series Waxes
    Our premium paste waxes winning praise & Concours trophies worldwide. High pure white Carnauba contents for shine, protection and durability. Tremendous value compared to rivals.

    Race Glaze Signature 42 Wax - raceglaze.co.uk

    車友使用Race Glaze 42招牌蠟成果分享-潑水力效果非常好


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