PIXOSTYLE iPhone 3GS 品味款保護殼 Crystal

PIXOSTYLE iPhone 3GS 品味款保護殼 Crystal



  • 霧面防刮處理,兼具防滑、不留手紋
  • 銀邊包覆設計,防止螢幕與桌面直接摩擦
  • PIXOSTYLE 原廠保護殼,品質有保障
  • 內容簡介

    PIXOSTYLE iPhone 3GS 品味款保護殼 Crystal


    PIXOSTYLE iPhone 3GS 品味款保護殼 (透明)



    PIXOSTYLE iPhone 3GS 品味款保護殼 (黑)



    PIXOSTYLE iPhone 3GS 品味款保護殼 (藍綠)



    PIXOSTYLE iPhone 3GS 品味款保護殼 (紅)




    本產品以 iPhone 量身設計,如果已加裝其他保護殼產品或是機身保護貼時,有可能造成尺寸不合。







    PIXOSTYLE is a team of open-minded, energetic and creative young entrepreneurs who persuades uncommon and stylish designed products for our fans. Our talented artists are from Taiwan, Japan, Hong-Kong and Argentina. We love to embraces innovation and offers original artwork with the sole intention of satisfying your desires. Due to the strong affection for environment, spare no efforts to reduce the pollutions and waste in manufacturing processes and package. We do believe in excellent products may made by our hand, but truly uniqueness inspired from our heart.




    Clean 低油墨;Recycle 可回收;Light 輕量化
    PIXOSTYLE 每年生產的眾百款商品都是以更環保的目標而製造生產,因為我們相信更少的浪費才能打造更美的地球。如果你喜歡我們的產品,邀請您一同減少使用過度包裝的產品,讓你我在享受高科技的時代,採取對地球低污染的友善呵護。
    Clean, less inks; Recycle, reusable materials; Light, decrease packaging.
    Hundred products of PIXOSTYLE every year are manufactured for less pollution and environmental issue. More resources we save, more beautiful surroundings we can have. If you like our idea, please support us by buying low polluted and less packing merchandise. Let us enjoy the benefits from high technology and never forget to cherish our motherland - La terre.


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